Mobile Walkthrough Site







In this project, I wanted to come up with a cool, modern design.  I  wanted to reference bars, so I used the wood grain to reference the bar.  I also wanted a clean white look.  I think  making this design modern and also appealing to the audience, people who like to go to bars was an important factor.  I feel the sleek look is the right way to go.

14NewsMobile 14News


News and Radio websites can get really bogged down with content, and most of them don’t usually know when enough is enough in that aspect.  For this site design, I wan’t to take a minimalist approach.  I want to make the design as simple as possible, while still working.  Separating some of this content will probably be need.  The most important thing is to make a clean design that is easy to work through, navigate, and not get confusing, or redundant.  So many of these sites are so complicated these days, and I want to use design and problem solving to make a simple yet effective design.

Infotainment Site

tacodoomweb taco doom mobile

For this site, I wanted to incorporate a custom logo to start of the site.  After designing that I decided that I wanted to incorporate some color to make this site pop!  It’s important to keep the viewer interested, and color is a great way to do so.  I used a comic book style font because I thought it would appeal more to the audience of the people who would be on this site.  The site is mainly vector based and is very clean.

It is a very simple site, especially the mobile one, and it is very easy to navigate through.  I think this is good for sites to be like this so nothing is over complicated and viewers can navigate through it confidently.

E-commerce Site


Mobile SiteHEO2

E-commerce sites have brought a lot of traffic since they were created.  Everyone is looking for the best deal, and the more people that come to your e-commerce site, the more money you make.  That being said, it is important that your customer can access you on any device at any time.  This broadens your market to anyone, anywhere in the world.

For this design, I went for a clean healthy look.  It also brings a sense of modernity as many pages do these days.  I think this brings all of the elements that “Healthy Evansville Online” should have in its site and branding.  It is a great site to get on and see how others who live in Evansville are making healthy choices!

Desktop Site Mobile Site

In the world we live, technology is advancing rapidly, and if businesses and associations aren’t careful, they will soon be left behind.  These days having a regular website isn’t enough.  Every year, more and more people are going mobile.  We live in a time of smart phones that can access any website from anywhere on the globe.  Is your company/organization falling behind?

Responsive web design is the future.  Any site, virtually the same on any device.  This brings marketing to a whole new level.  Your customers keep their familiarity with your site and even if they have never operated a smart phone before, they can master your navigation.  Everything is going mobile, some will adapt and some will get left behind, which do you choose?